Great dining in Lisbon

We have our favorite list of top ten Lisbon restaurants.  Of course these are based on our personal tastes, but we feel they provide a good sampling of various offerings in Lisbon and they include a number of different cuisines.  Bom approveito!!

1.  Paparucha :  This well known Lisbon Argentinian steakhouse is one of the top choices for fine dining.  The restaurant is located high in the hills of Bairro Alto, with sweeping views of the valley facing Saint Jorge’s castle, so great for the views alone.  The selection of meats, vegetables, wines and deserts puts it on many people’s to-do list when coming to Lisbon.

2.  Adega Dom Luis :  This small local restaurant is a top choice for a family run establishment offering delicious local dishes at a reasonable price.  The owner, Amiral, is usually there and loves to talk to his guests about food and about life.  The food is excellent and so is his presence.

3.  Sukhothai :  One of Lisbon’s best Thai restaurants, located in the heart of Bairro Alto.  The owner is from Thailand and personally oversees everything in his restaurant, including the cooking and customer service.  The food is outstanding and he is a lot of fun too.  The very central location in Bairro Alto, makes it easy to enjoy a great meal and then to walk out right into the heart of one of Lisbon’s most bustling nightspots where a great night is guaranteed.

4.  Campo de Ourique : This well known, upscale Lisbon food market has a large selection and variety of types of cuisine (Portuguese, French, Indian, Italian, BBQ, seafood, etc.).  There is something for everybody and the ambiance runs into the wee hours of the morning.  Beverages are also plentiful and range from beer, to wine to champagne and lots of cocktails… This huge open food venue offers an opportunity for a bunch of friends to each choose what they want to eat, and then to share the meal together.

5.  Via Graca :  This very upscale establishment has the most breathtaking views of Lisbon’s beautiful skyline and a refined dining experience for those with a picky palate.  The food is delicious and the setting, high up in the hills of the Graca area, overlooking all of Lisbon makes it a unique dining experience.

6.  Calcutta II :  This small discrete restaurant nessled into the hills of Bairro Alto offers one of Lisbon’s best Indian experiences, and at a very reasonable price.  We go there often and have never been disappointed.  The Tikka dishes, Biryani and Tandooris are all outstanding.

Giant prawns

Fresh fish and seafood of exceptional quality are easy to find when dining out in Lisbon.

7.  Sea-Me :  Sea Me is considered to be one of Lisbon’s best upscale, Chi-Chi seafood establishments.  Their offering includes all fresh fish and seafood and a wide variety of Sushi.  It gets VERY crowded so it is not for an intimate lovey lovey dinner, or one where you want to have a serious discussion.  It is a loud festive place and after a few glasses of the house wine, you’ll enjoy the ambiance.  However, as Grandma once taught you, with respect to Sea-me, “Patience is a virtue”

8.  Edelweiss : Willkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome…..  This very unique place is a funky change of pace from other restaurants in Lisbon.  The owners, a Canadian/Swiss couple, have brought to Lisbon with them, a breathe of Fresh mountain air.  They offer dishes you don’t find elsewhere in Lisbon and they take very good care of their diners.  Their menu changes regularly so go and enjoy.

9.  Beef Burger Tapas bar :  This is a very charming tapas bar located in Bairro Alto.  It has a large variety of tapas, and hamburgers, and great wines too.  The service is always excellent and very friendly.  They are open VERY late each night, so on occasion when I was hungry at 11:30, no problem, and nice guys as well.  They make scrambled eggs with Asparagus or Shrimp which are delicious…

10.  Terra :  Lisbon’s most well known vegetarian restaurant.  It is outstanding, and knowing many vegetarians and vegans, it is always a pleasure to share this great local Principe Real establishment with them.  Never had a complaint… They have a buffet for lunch which is wonderful and an outside terrace in the back of the restaurant for warm Lisbon days…


One thought on “Great dining in Lisbon

  1. Steve Cracknell

    We were only in Lisbon for a week but we went to Adega Dom Luis twice. The second time we let Luis to do what he wanted and we didn’t regret it: a creamy mild prawn curry from his native Mozambique and grilled bream. Yummy! The restaurant is only 100m from the “Royal” apartments, just off the Rua São Marcel on the left as you are going up.


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