Lisbon Restaurant week 2014

Lisbon Restaurant Week

Restaurant week began in NY in 1992.  It was a marketing event, launched to boost restaurant traffic after the peak of fashion week.  It was a success which then spurred Restaurant Weeks, in many cities around the world.

Today it is a common practice in the most attractive cities in the world on all five continents. …
Lisbon and Porto are now participating in this event.  For all of the participating restaurants, guests can enjoy an excellent meal for only 20 Euros, of which one Euro goes to several charities.

Delicious wine was flowing at Via Graca

Delicious wine was flowing at Via Graca

Each participating restaurant offers its restaurant week” menu.  Some of Lisbon’s most prominent, and upscale restaurants take part in this joyous event, including  The Paparrucha, Faz Figura, Via Graça Eleven, Altis Belém, and Tagide.  We enjoyed an evening in one of Lisbon’s nicest restaurants with a great view of the whole city, called Via Graca…

Dinner at Via Graca with beautiful views of Lisbon

Dinner at Via Graca with beautiful views of Lisbon

One can discover new restaurants, special dishes and solidarity simultaneously.
The following website provides the list of all participating restaurants.  It is only in Portuguese, so have fun….

Bon appétit / approveito Bom!

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