Rediscovering Paris with Portuguese friends

After living in Paris for many years, I ended up (as most people do) taking for granted all of the great things Paris has to offer.  Beautiful landmarks, historic sites, fun neighborhoods and great restaurants are everywhere to be in found in the City of Light.

The Eiffel Tower is the most well known monument in the world

Our ‘tourist weekend’ had to begin with a run over to the world famous Eiffel Tower.  Of course we weren’t alone and there were thousands of others who had the same agenda.  A sunny day and blue skies are rare for Paris so we were lucky.  From there we headed over to the Champs Elysees…

The world's most beautiful avenue has the Arc de Triomphe at the beginning

We took a quick metro ride up to l’Etoile, the head of Paris’ Champs Elysees avenue and the Arc de Triomphe.  This traffic circle has more accidents each year than any spot in France.  Insurance won’t even completely cover a collision on this traffic circle as a result….  Luckily nobody was hurt in our group and we headed to the Pompidou center for a little culture….

Roy Lichtenstein is known as one of the stars of the pop art movement

The Roy Lichtenstein exposition at the Pompidou Center was in full bloom.  Completely packed and a lot to see and learn about this Pop Art guru’s life and career.  He was quite prolific and the exhibit was extensive.  We then had a quick lunch on the roof top restaurant of the Pompidou Center, called Le Georges, which was a great break from the sight seeing.  On our way back home we even had a fun surprise, French politics…..

French Communist Party office

While crossing the Marais district heading to Ile Saint Louis, two of Paris’ most unconventional and liberal, free-sprited neighborhoods, we stumbled onto the French Communist party’s office.  A bit surprising in this neck of the woods.  It was quiet with not much activity going on.  Maybe on Monday business will pick up….

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