Laurel Luxury Penthouse: Bairro Alto Apartment rental

Rentals in Lisbon is proud to announce that our Duplex luxury apartment is all ready to go.

Bairro Alto apartment rental consisting of the two top floors of this beautiful Lisbon townhouse

Laurel Luxury consists of the two top floors of this beautiful Lisbon townhouse in the Bairro Alto

Bairro Alto apartment rental. This project took the greater part of the entire renovation of the building since it involved installing a second bathroom on the top floor…..

Laurel Luxury's top floor bathroom, a work of modern architecture

…and the creation of a private rooftop terrace with views of Lisbon’s wonderful skyline…

Laurel Luxury's roof top terrace provides sweeping views of Lisbon's unique skyline

Laurel Luxury’s roof top terrace provides sweeping views of Lisbon’s unique skyline

We are sure you will love Lisbon and welcome you in our Laurel Townhouse for your next trip to Portugal.  Please contact us with any questions you have while planning your trip.



One thought on “Laurel Luxury Penthouse: Bairro Alto Apartment rental

  1. AnaMaria Basaraba

    My daughter and I just returned from a week vacation in Lisbon. Our host Glenn was prompt and very helpful along the booking process, providing us with useful information about touring Lisbon. Glenn, a very fine young man, greeted us upon arrival, offered a tour of the apartment and as well as answered any questions we had. In addition, he was very responsive about answering our texts or phone calls with questions.
    The apartment is wonderful and tastefully decorated. It has great views of the area, especially on the one of a kind terrace built by Glenn. It is located in the beautiful historic Barrio Alto with a lot of restaurants, boutiques, and sites to see. This area is great for dining out and bar hopping. In addition, you can hear the traditional Portuguese Fado music all around.
    Overall, staying at this particular apartment definitely made the trip much better. It has the authentic feel of a European apartment that a hotel or resort just could not offer. I would highly recommend booking this place for your future trip to Lisbon.
    Thank you so much to Glenn for making our trip even more perfect!


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